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By the Book

I have a long daily commute and so most of my entertainment time has shifted away from television and movies to podcasts and radio. Just a few months ago I discovered a new podcast called By The Book. By The Book is a podcast where Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer, two friends with very different personalities, try to gain insight and wisdom by following popular self-help books. They establish the “rules” of each book and then live by them for two weeks, summarizing their experiences and providing a verdict as to whether the book was life changing and whether they would recommend it. Then a week after the episode airs, a mini-episode comes out to share and discuss listener feedback.

Although there is a ton of humor (and some explicit language), the thing that hooked me on By The Book is the vulnerability that both co-hosts display as they process each book’s experience. While their husbands don’t also follow the “rules”, the ladies do include their husbands perspectives on the rules and the impacts the books have on their homes and relationships. Both husbands are so fabulous and supportive that sometimes they steal the show.

Just a few of the books this dynamic duo has lived by and reviewed include: the Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Miracle Morning, Bored and Brilliant, French Women Don’t Get Fat, Men Are from Mars, Women Are From Venus , and Why Good Things Happen to Good People. Even when the authors come from a very different world view than Kristen and Jolenta, they really seem to give each book a shot and look objectively for the strengths. These ladies both have very distinct speech patterns and/or regional accents that I find fun to listen to and I enjoy the way they complement each other. After listening for a few months, they feel like old friends.

Do you have any good podcast recommendations?


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