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Toastless French Toast Souffle

I have definitely seen the benefits of good nutrition on my toddler’s health. He has a super hardy immune system. I’m not that obsessed mom that doesn’t allow treats ever or makes her child eat all his veggies. I might have to be if he had a condition like Celiac or juvenile diabetes but we’re blessed to have a healthy, vibrant, and strong two and a half year old that likes most everything.

One super easy recipe that has made it possible to get out the door every hectic, weekday morning with a whole foods breakfast is the 5 Minute Toastless French Toast Souffle. I call it this because it has a taste and texture similar to baked French toast casserole without the bread. I originally discovered this concept from a Whole Life Challenge blog post but have made a modification or two.

The trick is mashing the four whole foods ingredients together thoroughly with a fork inside a coffee mug, incorporating the ingredients in the order listed below. Then you microwave the mug for 1 minute, stir it up and microwave it for another minute. Since every microwave is different, you may need to play around with the timing to get it to the right consistency (like scrambled eggs, you want them pretty well cooked through but not too dry). You can eat it right out of the mug or flip it into a container for the road.


1 ripe banana

1 Tbsp peanut butter or other nut butter

1 egg

A sprinkle of cinnamon (if desired)

If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!


Hi! I'm a hippy-dippy social worker, mom, wife, musician, foodie, beginner homesteader, and follower of Christ. I want to use this space to celebrate the many blessings, both big and small, in my everyday life.

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