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Do You Speak Toddler?

Some of my two year old’s favorite words or phrases. Our household will never say these things correctly again, so hopefully he will learn the right words from the rest of the world:

Pea-nucks – small legumes to be eaten by the truckload

Pluto – colorful, malleable dough to be squished and flattened and hid in a corner somewhere until it is a useless dry lump

Mingo – a large pink bird that stands on one leg

Hummee – a spread or dip made of chickpeas olive oil, garlic, and lemon to be consumes by itself with a spoon.

Digger trucks – 1. A very specific type of toy or life size piece of heavy equipment with a long arm that scoops or grasps things, i.e. excavator, power shovel 2. Any video of YouTube that my son wants to watch, sometimes involving heavy machinery.

Pa-mimi – “part of monkey”, more specifically, the pacifier part that used to be attached to a little stuffed monkey. The item we must have on hand at all times or risk a full meltdown.

Big giant man – the Iron Giant, a character from the 1990s cartoon movie with the same name. We talk a lot about the possible whereabouts of the big giant man.

Tractor Surprise – a beloved chain of ag stores that contain, in addition to many other things, lots of toy trucks

Do you have any adorable toddler sayings to share?


Hi! I'm a hippy-dippy social worker, mom, wife, musician, foodie, beginner homesteader, and follower of Christ. I want to use this space to celebrate the many blessings, both big and small, in my everyday life.

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