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Mason jar shelf

It seems like you can’t browse the interwebs or Pinterest these days without seeing mason jars everywhere. Home decor, organization, and even food storage, what a concept! I have always loved mason jars and have used them in my home for several things like drinking glasses and a pendant light fixture and yes, food storage. I have canned things in the past and also like to ferment sauerkraut and other veggies occasionally.

Because of our little kitchen space has no cabinetry, I’m always trying to get things off the counter tops. A friend of mine has this amazing mason jar shelf that runs floor-to-ceiling in her pantry. It’s only one jar deep but holds all of her Bulk foods, dehydrated food, home preserved foods and looks really nice. So I’ve been wanting to build a much smaller version for a little area on the wall adjacent to my kitchen.

We were helping another friend move last weekend I was able to scavenge a piece of old 1×4 to cut up for the project. I drew it all out and cut the pieces with a jigsaw and then my husband and I put it together yesterday. I was going to use some type of dowel across the front of each row to help the jars saying place like the one at my friend’s house, but my husband had another idea that I liked even better: stainless steel cable. We do have a rustic industrial, vintage vibe going on in our kitchen in general so I thought it would fit right in. I was able to get all of the mason jars that hold our bulk food off the countertop to free up space for…what my husband hopes is not just more stuff. I’m hoping so too. I’m going to try to preserve the space for prep work and maybe just empty space?! In case you’re wondering, the shelf is 18 in wide by 25 in high.