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My Prayer for 2018


This year, teach me to be both faithful and courageous.

31077-Mother-Teresa-Quote-Be-faithful-in-small-things-because-it-is-inI want to be faithful in the all the of tiny things you’ve entrusted to my care day in and day out. Help me to lean into my responsibilities and embrace the roles you have given to me. Help me to see even the most mundane chores as acts of worship.

be-strong-and-courageous-orlando-espinosaAlso, show me how to be courageous enough to sign up for your big, scary, exciting adventures. Help me know when to say yes to projects that push me to grow, conversations I’d rather avoid, and new, uncomfortable experiences.


Open my eyes to those things in my heart and life that are holding me back from being a useful vessel for your love and make me more like you.

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